I Say Kamani, You Say Tamanu

Our Maui Miracle Oils have become one of our most popular selling items. To be honest, there was a bit of confusion on my part when I was first introduced to this collection. I was familiar with our Coconut and Kukui oils but what the heck was Tamanu? Some exotic, rare species I’ve never heard of? Maybe from an unknown faraway place?
I soon learned that Tamanu was another word for Kamani; now that name I knew. Kamani is one of the plants ancient voyagers brought to Hawai’i. Extract from the fruit was used to make brown dye for kapa cloth and even then, the oil was used for lomi lomi (Hawaiian Massage).
Kamani trees can grow up to 60 feet with its branches spreading wide. The wood from the kamani is a hardwood and was used to make canoes and food bowls. The wood left no bad taste and was a favorite used for food containers.
Tamanu/Kamani Trees love the salty air and sandy soils of Hawaii
The flowers of the Kamani are tiny, only 1 inch wide with a delightful fragrance similar to orange blossoms. They grow in clusters hanging from long stalks. The fruit starts as a pinkish-lime then turns to a bright green. When the fruit or pod gets ripe it turns a leathery, splotchy brown.
A Flowering Tamanu Tree
The seed is on the inside and looks similar to a macadamia nut.
It’s this kernel that is cold pressed into the Tamanu (kamani) oil that we use today. Not only is it great for massages and moisturizing for the skin but studies have indicated that it has anti-inflammatory and healing properties. Wow!
Anti-inflammatory, moisturizing Tamanu Nut Kernel
At Island Essence we offer Tamanu oil as well as a wonderful scented moisturizing soap. Not sure if this is for you? We have a three-pack of one-ounce trial size bottles of Tamanu, Coconut and Kukui for you to sample.
During these cold winter months, do you and your skin a favor by ordering a bottle (or two!), of our tamanu oil. Use the discount code: Anty for 10% off any Tamanu (I still say Kamani!) oil or soap order (expires 3/25/2020).
Stay warm (and moisturized!)
Anty Kalei