Key Benefits of Maile Based Products for Skincare 

Maile skincare products are made from naturally derived ingredients sourced from maile grown in the Hawaiian rainforest. 

Maile products are among the best skincare products you can use for your skincare routine. They are known for their benefits to nourish, soothe, moisturize, and stimulate a beautiful and healthy skin. 

Reasons to Choose Malie Products for Skincare

Maile based products are rich in active ingredients 

Maile bath and spa products are based on the beautiful, fresh, and clean scent of the Maile vine, which only grows in the Hawaiian rainforest.. Thankfully, malie products are unisex and available in various collections. Our maile rainforest collection includes lotions, body wash products, face and body sprays, bath and body oils, candles, bath crystals, soaps etc. 

You can easily choose whatever product you want from our collection. Like the Maile Bath and Body Oil, Maile Bath and Body Wash, the Maile Shea Butter Soap and more.   

Some maile products such as the Maile Face and Body Mist and the Maile Body Crème do a great job nourishing and moisturizing the skin. 

The Maile Face and Body Mist, for instance, contains premium, skin-enhancing ingredients such as bamboo extract, organically grown aloe vera, powerful papaya, bambo and grapefruit seed extracts. Similarly, the Maile Bath & Body Oil contains excellent ingredients as well, such as Kukui Nut Oil, - treasured for centuries by Polynesians for its protective and healing qualities - Tamanu Nut Oils from Hawaii, Organic Sunflower Oil, Organic Coconut Oil, Grapeseed Oil and Rosemary Seed Extract. 

Maile based products are good for your skin 

Skincare products such as the Maile Rainforest Trio and the Maile Bath Crystals With Hawaiian Sea Salt contain good for your skin ingredients with the beautiful fragrance of the Hawaiian rainforest.