Self-care Tips For A Healthier Lifestyle

A good self-care routine can help you nurture a healthy relationship with others and keep yourself mentally, psychologically, and physically fit. We all know the ideal: eat healthy food, rest well, walk more, etc. As easy as this sounds, it’s easy to forget as people are easily distracted by technology and busy lifestyles.

Self-care is usually about disconnecting from the distractions around you – both virtually and physically to attend to your personal needs. If you aren’t taking the time to look after yourself, you’ll be less resilient, especially if your health takes a hit.  

Self Care Tips To Keep Yourself In Good Shape

Drink some water when you wake

Once you wake up in the morning, drink a glass of water. It's normal to wake in the morning slightly dehydrated. When you sleep for six to eight hours, it’s a long period to go without any fluid consumption leaving you dehydrated or thirsty once you're up. However, you can easily rehydrate your system by drinking a glass of water. This is one of the best self care tips for everyone.

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Enjoy breakfast

Skipping breakfast isn’t a good idea, even when you’re trying to lose weight. Regardless of how busy your mornings are, take some time out to eat a healthy breakfast. Make sure you eat a healthy meal with carbs and proteins to keep you in good shape throughout the day. Even better, enjoy regular healthy foods and snacks to sustain your energy throughout the day.

Create a menu for the week

It’s easier to stick to a healthier diet if you have a menu to follow. You can use your smartphone to create a weekly menu of food you’d like to consume. Include as much healthy food and fruits as you can and don’t forget to add some veggies.

Pre-planning your meals also means you can get rid of impulse buying, and consumption of foods that lack any nutritional value. This also means you’ll always have a healthy supply of food to choose from at any time. This is rated among one of the top self-care tips.

Take some time to decompress

Now, more than ever, almost everything is done at a faster pace. It is easy to get caught up in various tasks and routines and to forget to take care of yourself. This is why you need some time to decompress every day.

All you have to do is disconnect yourself from all the things around you, including your smartphone and computers. Spend at least five minutes with yourself to decompress. As you decompress, you’re also detoxing yourself from technology, work, and every other environmental distraction. These are self-care tips that shouldn’t be taken lightly.  

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Do some walkouts

You can aim for about 30 minutes of aerobic exercise each day to keep yourself in shape. Even if you can’t hit the gym for safety reasons, there are tons of free videos online that you can watch and make your home work out session a remarkable and worthy one. Even more, the entire workout session doesn't necessarily need be done all at once. You can split it into ten minutes for each session to make the workout easier to fit into your schedule.


You need about seven to eight hours of sleep every night to stay healthy and function optimally. Social media, late-night movies, stress, and other things can keep you up at night. You should do away with such habits for a healthier lifestyle.

Here are other amazing self care tips:

  • Enjoying a weekly beautifying bath routine
  • Indulging in a at-home spa treatment 
  • Lighting a Hawaiian Coconut Candle

And if you're looking for great quality products to include in your routine, here are our top recommended choices for a smooth weekly spa / bath ritual:

Lavender bath salts


Body butters

Face and boy mist

Plumeria lotion

Charcoal face masque

Soaps, and  

Maui miracle oils etc.