Our Hawaiian Lavender Natural Bug Repellent (and it smells good too!)

  Our Natural Bug Repellent
 (and it smells good too!)


            Our Lavender Fragrance products have become one of our hottest selling creations. From our shea butter added Lavender cremes and soap (my Ohana’s favorite – no more, itchy dry skin!), to our vintage Lavender body wash, shampoos and conditioners; our Lavender stuff rocks!


            Lavender is from the mint family of shrubs that produce the most stunning, dainty purple flowers once a year; usually late spring through summer. And ohhh the scent of it when you manage to find a field of them!

            The refreshing aroma of lavender is not the only thing this plant has going for it. Its scent helps with anxiety and stress--aromatherapy heaven. Have you ever tried our Lavender Bath Crystals? Bathing before bedtime with lavender will be deeply relaxing.  I mean this stuff can be your secret weapon to sleep better.


            My favorite: our Lavender Rosemary gardener’s lotion. Like our other Lav products this a multi-tasking lotion. It can be used as a moisturizer and also serves as a natural bug repellent. Here on Maui we deal with a whole assortment of insects: flies, gnats, mosquitoes, etc. (Hey, we live in a tropical paradise; we’re not the only critters who want to hang-out here). The combination of lavender, rosemary and lemon balm is a deterrent to a host of insects. The fragrance has an extra citrusy zest to it and goes on liquid smooth, which I like. So if you got the bugs, we got the stuff to keep them away and moisturize you at the same time (woot!).


            To add to your “experience”, our Lavender products are made here on Maui. In our little factory in Kahului.


            And for a limited time receive 15% off of any Lavender product in our inventory by using the discount code: Anty.

 Mahalo for choosing our local business and supporting this Anty!