Gardenia So Sweet

When I was a young girl all the women wore beautiful gardenia flowers in their hair. At luaus, picnics, to church; the creamy sweet fragrance was one I came to easily recognize.
The plant itself is quite striking; a bush of dark, glossy green leaves frame the delicate white gardenia flower. You can still find gardenia plants in many a garden in Hawai’i. The gardenia plant likes a well drain garden bed; sandy soil works well.
                               nānū or tiare gardenia flower
Do you know that Hawai’i has their own gardenia species? The nānū gardenia is endemic to our state. A wild growing nānū gardenia plant has a canopy spread of up to fifteen feet. You could easily tell the difference by the shape of its flowers. The nānū gardenia is also called by its Tahitian name of tiare. They are harder and harder find in the wild but is easy to grow in Hawai’i’s climate.
The gardenia fragrance is now used worldwide in the most exclusive perfumes. Chanel, Gucci even the Kim Kardashian line lists the gardenia as an included fragrance.
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                                                 Maui Organics Gardenia Soaps
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p.s. don’t forget to breathe (your favorite scent!),
Anty Kalei