Plumeria Oil Benefits

The Plumeria flower is a Hawaiian icon. Why? Well, it's a popular flower that locals use in leis. Plus, you can see it almost everywhere in Hawaii. You might even think it’s the state flower. It’s actually the yellow hibiscus. Still, this pretty flower is worth singing its praises. Not just for its beauty but also its health benefits. Like many natural things that you can find in Hawaii, the Plumeria is also loaded with good benefits for our bodies! So if you’re a skincare fanatic, you’ll be glad to know that plumeria oil benefits abound. Especially when used in body care products

The Plumeria

Plumeria, also known as frangipani, is a tropical flower that originated from Central America and the Caribbean. So yes, it’s not native to Hawaii. However, it flourishes beautifully in the tropical islands. Usually blooming during summer and fall, the plumeria flowers are large and are typically white, yellow, or red. The flower is also widely popular for its strong and exotic fragrance. And it is this fragrance that makes the Plumeria a popular choice for leis in Hawaii. 

Plumeria is also long-lasting, perfect as an addition to skin creams, perfumes, and lotions. In addition to its aroma, plumeria and its essence have deep cleansing properties. Thus, it can boost the clarifying ability of body washes and shampoos. These make Plumeria oil a great natural alternative to chemicals in skincare products.

Plumeria oil benefits for the skin

Plumeria oil is a rich source of lignin. But what is it? Lignin is an organic polymer that binds cells together and provides structure to our cells. This includes our skin cells. Meaning it can keep our skin firm and supple at the same time.

It also stimulates growth, has antibacterial properties and antioxidants. For example, benzoic acid is a potent antioxidant found in Plumeria oil. And this acid helps reduce tissue damage from chronic diseases like cancer.

Moreover, Plumeria also contains glycosides that help support collagen and the absorption of ingredients. The glycosides also make it an effective moisturizer and anti-inflammatory treatment. 

Other Plumeria oil benefits

Plumeria also has a longstanding history as a natural remedy for Hawaiians. Its sap, for example, has been used as a remedy for toothaches. In aromatherapy, Plumeria essence has a refreshing scent that can ease stress. Its aroma relaxes muscles and calms nerves. At the same time, other people also use it as an aphrodisiac. Additionally, it’s also effective in reducing back pain, headaches, and tinnitus.

Plumeria oil products

Plumeria Oil Benefits - Island Essence

Want to get your hands on Hawaiian-made beauty products that contain Plumeria oil benefits? We at Island Essence are more than happy to oblige. With so many benefits that it can bring, plumeria is a popular ingredient in many Island Essence products. We add plumeria to soaps, lotions, and shampoos to soothers like candles and diffusers. 

We have the Upcountry Plumeria collection, where you can get a complete personal care set: soap, lotion, body butter, even a fragrant, relaxing candle.

Another Island Essence line of plumeria products is the Plumeria Vintage Premium, including body lotion, body wash, body oil, and shampoo. You can even avail of them as a bundle in a Oneloa bag.

Add Plumeria goodness into your skincare routine and enjoy the benefits!