Should You Use A Maui Body Wash Or Soap Bar?

Taking a shower or bathing is something we all do, more often than not on a daily basis. And nowadays, maintaining our hygiene is especially important. And while you might think that a regular bar of soap is good enough for you, you could be compromising your skin’s health. Especially if you suffer from dry skin often since dry skin causes cracking, itching, and rashes. So, should you ditch your soap bar for a bottle of body wash? Find out their differences first below.

Body Wash vs Soap Bar

Both body wash and soap do the same thing: they clean your skin by removing the dirt and bacteria that stick to your body’s natural oils as you go about your day. And the way they get rid of dirt is pretty much the same too. The germs, bacteria, and or/viruses that cling to the oil bond with the soap simultaneously. When you wash your body off with water, so do all the harmful organisms. But aside from the form they come in, how different are soap bars and body washes?

Body washes contain additional ingredients in them that can help with some skin conditions.  This makes them ideal for people with dry skin or who experience flaky skin and clogged pores. During the cleansing process, the soap removes some skin moisture along with the dirt. And so these additional ingredients will help restore them and lock the moisture in as well.

On the other hand, soap bars are cheaper compared to body wash. And while some soap bars have moisturizing properties, most of them can dry out the skin. That’s because they have the main ingredient, sodium lauryl sulfate. It’s a detergent that helps break down oil and grease. It’s the same ingredient that makes soap bubbly when rubbing it on your body. And because it breaks down oil, that includes the essential lipids (a grouping of oils, fats, hormones, and membranes that don’t interact with water) and proteins on our skin that maintain moisture. So all of that results in dry skin.

Island Essence Maui Body Wash

So if you’re keen on buying a body wash, choose one made from natural ingredients that won’t dry out your skin, like a Maui body wash from Island Essence. The body washes have carefully selected natural ingredients so they can clean your body while keeping it well-hydrated and nourished. In addition, they contain botanical extracts found in the Hawaiian islands for a greater hydrating effect. Plus, they add essential oils for lingering fragrances that will remind you of the beautiful Maui tropics! 

Our personal favorite is the Vintage Plumeria Body Wash containing sea kelp extracts that help retain moisture longer and remove toxins. It’s also infused with plumeria fragrance oil so that you can smell like Hawaii’s favorite tree flower! 

And to maintain that soft and well-hydrated skin, you can complete your body care routine with Island Essence body creams and lotions.

Maui Body Wash

Whether you’ll continue to stick with your traditional bar of soap or make the switch to a body wash, you should still consider first what your skin needs and if what you’re using now provides that. Still, it’s ideal that you use soap made from ingredients that can both nourish and cleanse your body naturally. Visit Island Essence for a good range of skincare botanicals that will do just that!