Shea Butter - Body Butter For Skincare

Shea Butter - Body Butter For Skincare

Shea butter - body butter comes from the seeds of the Shea tree, or also known as the Karite tree. Although most Shea body butter comes from West Africa, it can also be found in other areas like Hawaii. It contains essential fatty acids and other nutrients needed for the skin and new collagen production. In fact, it has an exceptionally high healing fraction that ranges from 5% to 17%. Shea butter tops other seeds in this area. Nourishing vitamins A, E, and F are also found in shea butter. Each of these vitamins has excellent benefits in healing and improving the skin.

Here are the major benefits of the Shea butter - body butter for skincare:


When it comes to skincare products, you should always be wary about what you apply to your skin. The bottom line is that it could either be harmful or beneficial to you. Natural ingredients, however, are always considered beneficial to the body. For instance, shea butter contains natural nut oils from the seeds and it’s a great moisturizer since it does not contain water, unlike other lotions. 


After applying moisturizer, the next thing shea butter does is keep the moisture in the skin. It’s also to protect the skin from damages caused by the environment, such as heat, cold, and free radicals found in dry air. Shea body butter basically adds a great extra layer of protection for the skin.


As previously mentioned, shea butter contains numerous nutrients. In fact, its vitamins and fatty acids are well-known to be responsible for nourishing and moisturizing skin. For instance, Omega 3 fats. These fats help in moisturizing the skin and also help calm any inflammation. Other fats such as oleic, palmitic, stearic, and linolenic are also responsible for improving new collagen production to protect and nourish the skin.


While there are many products out there that promise healthier skin, nothing beats shea body butter. This is because it can treat problematic skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. It is made possible since shea body butter can help properly balance the PH moisture of the skin. For those who have dry and cracked skin, continuous use of the cream will make the skin softer and more supple.


Shea has really excellent and fast absorption properties. This is why it is useful in soothing skin inflammation and relieving itching. It provides quick relief for skin flare-ups.


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