Why Buy Refillable Beauty Products from Hawaii?

Sustainability is now the aim of many consumers nowadays when buying their beauty products. So for the sake of being environmentally friendly, why not buy refillable beauty products from Hawaii instead?

The Beauty Industry Has a Plastics Problem

Commercial beauty products have and still continue to use single-use plastic for packaging. After a short time of usage, they get tossed away and clutter landfills up to the brim or get dumped into the ocean. Not only does plastic pollute the waters, but marine life is compromised too. The animals can mistake them for food and ingest them which will then kill them eventually. Or they get ensnared and it limits their movement and drowns them or pieces like straw would get lodged in their bodies and slowly kill them.

Plastic can take up to 500 years to break down. The plastic you just threw away can outlive you, your children, and your children’s children. Even when our generation has long been dead, it would still exist and would still pollute the environment. Recycling efforts are being put forth but only around 8.7% gets actually recycled. Some get incinerated but most of it are still bobbing in our oceans or buried in landfills and taking up space.

With these alarming facts, no wonder then that many people are lobbying for sustainable alternatives for their beauty products.

The Beauty of Refillable Products

One such sustainable alternative are refillable products. So why shift to this sustainable strategy? There are a number of advantages that it can bring. One of them is reduced costs. For example, a customer buys your shampoo packaged in a reusable bottle. They would only need to buy that shampoo in its original packaging once and simply bring the bottle back with them if they’ve run out and want to buy the same shampoo. Not only will it be cheaper for the customer, your company will also be spending less on producing bottles. You’ll be conserving resources, using less power to make more bottles, and ultimately be reducing waste overall.

Additionally, it will improve your brand’s image and attract customers and investors. Consumers and investors now have a heightened awareness of environmental issues. By marketing your refillable beauty products from Hawaii, you’ll be attracting environmentally-conscious people to support your store and gain their loyalty. And with consumers and investors rallying behind refillable products, that will mean a big boom for your business. More revenue for your business can mean growth, and you can spread your brand's positive, eco-friendly message globally.

Best Refillable Beauty Products from Hawaii

Refillable Beauty Products from Hawaii

Because of the green initiative and people's sensitivity to environmental issues, many brands have adopted green beauty. Brands like Island Essence, for instance, now offer eco-refills for their products to give their customers an option to be environmentally friendly. They have refills for their bath and body care products like shampoos, body washes, body lotions and creams. They also offer gallon refills for their hand cleansing sprays. Not only can you help the environment by going green, but you also save more with their gallon refills that can last for a long time. As a thank you for helping to take care of the 'aina, Island Essence will include one full sized product with each eco-refill.  So visit the online store and browse through their all-natural refillable beauty products from Hawaii and protect our planet while you're at it.