Maui Soap for Hand Hygiene and a Touch of Tropical Luxury

We all know why handwashing is essential, but have you ever wondered why soap is deemed more effective than simple rubbing alcohol or hand sanitizer? Let's find out why we recommend organic Maui soap for its all-natural cleaning power and skin nourishment.

Why Soap Is Important For Hygiene

Ever since we’re little, we’ve constantly been reminded to wash our hands often and with soap. And this last year, with the COVID outbreak, health professionals have been extra cautious reminding us to maintain proper hygiene, with frequent handwashing with soap as one of our main defenses against infections.

But why use soap? Are hand sanitizers not enough?

How soap works is that it doesn’t just kill germs, but removes them. Germs and bacteria stick to the oils and grease on our hands. Washing with water alone will not remove them. That’s because water and oil don’t mix, so the microbes will remain there. However, soap mixes with both water AND oil. So if you’re washing yourself with soap, the soap molecules will bind with both water and oil molecules simultaneously. Then when you rinse your hands, the soap carries away the germs with the water. That’s why using actual soap is most effective when it comes to hand hygiene.

If washing with soap is not an option, hand sanitizers are definitely a good backup. Sanitizers with at least 60-95% alcohol in them are very effective at killing germs, like our Hawaiian Lavender hand cleansing spray, our Hawaiian Lavender & Peppermint sanitizer or our Lemongrass & Rosemary Hand Sanitizers!

Island Essence’s Maui Soap

Now that we know why we need to use soap, why not choose the right one to offer ultimate cleansing with an added touch of luxury. That’s where Island Essence Maui soap comes in.

Island Essence is proud to be one of the few companies on Maui that still makes handcrafted soap with natural ingredients meant for cleaning and nourishing the skin. Plus, there are different kinds of soaps available that you can choose from--with the added boost of tropical fragrances and oils.

Maui Soap - Island Essence

It doesn’t hurt to be extra safe and hygienic even as we start recovering from this pandemic. Vaccinated or not, proper hygiene should still be maintained as a habit. You’ll be helping yourself and other people as well. And for the best soaps for washing your hands and body with, get only the best from Island Essence. Choose from our premium Maui soap collection here.