Gardenia Vintage Body Wash--Last Chance


The Body Wash: Vintage Gardenia Premium Body Wash celebrates the golden era of Hawaii and the exotically scented Gardenia, queen of all Tahitian flowers. Natural ingredients and locally sourced essential oils combined with Gardenia will leave your skin clean, moisturized and exotically fragrant.

The Fragrance: Exotic, complex, intense, rich, and floral.

The Story:  Tahitian Gardenia or Tiare is the symbol of Tahitian culture and its people. Tiare is derived from “tiara” hinting at its royal history. In ancient Polynesian mythology, the god Atea would offer the tiare to mortal men as a gesture of peace. Because of its connection to the gods, Tahitian Gardenia was reserved for the elite, to be owned and harvested only by royalty. The chief’s oldest daughter would wear a crown of tiare to represent her purity. Today the tiare is a symbol of harmony, worn behind an ear or entwined into leis.

 Ingredient Spotlight:  Papaya nourishes and rejuvenates skin with Vitamin A and Papain enzymes.

Ingredients:  Organic Aloe Vera, Island Essence Proprietary Emollient Concentrate, Extracts of Organic Sage, Organic Rosemary, Papaya, Chamomile and Sea Kelp, Jojoba Oil, Lavender Oil, Sunflower Oil, Vitamins A, B5, C & E, Fragrance Oil

* This Product is Phthalate-Free


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