Benefits of Lavender and the Best Hawaiian Lavender Products

What pops into your mind when you see or hear the word lavender? More likely, you imagine plants with tiny light-purplish flowers growing in a field in a cool climate. Or maybe it makes you think of perfumes or lotions or any other body care product that contains the flower’s essence and promises many benefits.

It’s true that lavender does bring many advantages and can be used in several ways. That’s why even in the tropical island of Hawaii, which is full of bright and beneficial flora, this hardy little herb is also a popular ingredient in many local products.

Lavender in Hawaii

When thinking of Hawaii and its flowers, what probably comes to mind are the vibrant tropical ones like plumeria, hibiscus, or bird of paradise. Surprisingly, though, lavender can thrive in Hawaii as well. There are tropical varieties that are primarily short-lived perennials, but there are also areas on the island that can accommodate this particular plant. The slopes of Mount Haleakala are one such area with its cool, dry climate and rich volcanic soil. So you wouldn’t be hard-pressed to find lavender even in the tropics of Hawaii.

Benefits of Lavender

Lavender has both cosmetic and medicinal benefits. The essential oils taken from the leaves, buds, stems, and flowers make it so beneficial.

The essential oil is commonly used in aromatherapy. Its scent helps reduce stress and promote calmness and wellness. It can help in treating anxiety, insomnia and even relieving mild pain like headaches.

A study was done where anxious dental patients were exposed to lavender scent and found that those exposed to the scent reported lower anxiety levels than those who weren’t. Another study was also done, this time for women who experience PMS, and researchers found that it helps alleviate PMS emotional symptoms.

Additionally, lavender is helpful for fungal infections and wound healing because of its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. It can be used for minor burns, bug bites, and cleaning wounds.  The Lavender Rosemary Lotion is perfect for naturally repelling mosquitoes. 

Hawaiian Lavender Products from Island Essence

With so many benefits to gain from lavender, its popularity in Hawaiian products is no surprise. Island Essence even has a collection of body care products that feature this plant. The Hawaiian Lavender collection is a set of lavender-infused products from body washes and creams to hand cleansing sprays.

There’s the Hawaiian Lavender shea butter soap, bath and body oil, and bath crystals that will cleanse your skin and nourish it, keeping it moisturized and protected. It even works great for sensitive skin because it’s anti-inflammatory and all-natural.

After your lavender bath, you can then supplement your skincare routine with their Hawaiian Lavender body cream, lotion, or mist.

And for when you’re out and about, keep yourself protected from germs and bacteria with their Lavender hand cleansing spray, which contains 60% alcohol.

Hawaiian Lavender Products

Are you looking for more of the best Hawaiian lavender products? Come visit Island Essence and look through our Hawaiian lavender products to find the right one for you.