Bath and Body Products Made in Hawaii by Island Essence

A skincare routine is incomplete without a great lineup of bath and body products. That’s why we, at Island Essence, made a list of bath and body products made in Hawaii to help you create an effective routine for your skincare made from natural ingredients found in the Hawaiian islands.  Choosing Island Essence handcrafted botanicals also adds the irresistible benefit of creating a tropical oasis in your own home.

Bath and Body Products Made in Hawaii: Shampoo + Conditioner

Part of your bath and body routine is, of course, your hair regime. In order to have a proper hair routine, you must have the right shampoo that can cleanse your hair and conditioner to keep your hair smooth and tangle-free. Polynesians are famous for their beautiful, long hair.  At Island Essence, we have plenty of shampoo and conditioner made in Hawaii filled with ingredients from the Hawaiian islands.



Bath Crystals

The minerals found in bath crystals have plenty of benefits. For instance, certain bath and body products made in Hawaii can help you relax, relieve your aches and pains, calm your irritated skin, and stimulate circulation in your body. Here are some of Island Essence’s bath crystals made from Hawaiian sea salts harvested from the ancient, deep-sea waters off the Kona Coast of Hawaii and salt farms on Molokai.:

Body Wash

Next on our list is body wash. This product must simply not be missing in any skincare routine. It is infinitely helpful in not only cleansing your skin but also moisturizing it at the same time. Feel free to pour under running water to create a luxurious, tropical bathing experience.  At Island Essence, we have body wash products made from various ingredients found naturally on our islands.

Loofah Soap

If you want proper exfoliation, then a loofah soap is your perfect go-to. What makes loofah soaps amazing is that it offers two main benefits to the body. First, it’s good for exfoliation, and second is that it also helps improve blood circulation since it massages the skin. Below are some of Island Essence’s loofah soap collection:

Body Butter

When it comes to moisturizing bath and body products made in Hawaii, body butter is at the top. This is because body butter is full of natural and highly nutritious vitamins and fatty acids. Moreover, these are components that have a significant role in nourishing and revitalizing your skin and improving your complexion. And of course, you’ll find plenty of natural body butter products made from natural ingredients found in the tropical islands.

Hawaiian Bath and Body Products: Aromatherapy Mists

The perfect bath and body care routine always ends with a body mist. Of course, this product goes beyond what a simple cologne can do. After applying body butter to your skin, you can then spray your body with the mist, and it will help lock down the fragrance of the body butter. Other than its light aroma, high quality mists can also help hydrate your skin. If you use Island Essence Hawaiian Aromatherapy mists, you will also reap the benefits of all the essential oils. If you are trying to keep cool during warmer weather, store our mists in the refrigerator--perfectly refreshing after a shower or anytime you need to keep your cool.  Check out some of our body mists below:

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